Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone,

Jasper here. I’m writing to you all from the cosiness of Denmark’s countryside amidst the grey clouds and the misty forest. 2017 has been an amazing year packed with experiences in more places than I can remember all at once but the overall feeling is good. A feeling...



PhroNEWSis for the people!

Hello - Anton here! So, I’m happy to report that our fourth tour in North America proved to be nothing less than perfect. Not only did we have the pleasure of playing in several new cities, we also jumped at the chance to revisit some of...

February 2017 news

Hello folks!
The world is changing but Phronesis remains the same - almost...

We kick started 2017 with a sold out concert at Brussels Jazz Festival in January after almost a two month concert break, so we were raring to go that evening!

As we told you in our last...

Autumn Phronesis news 2016

Autumn Phronesis news 2016

Hello everyone!

Lots of exciting things happening. We are very happy to have just recorded a new album with the hr BigBand in Frankfurt, playing large ensemble arrangements (courtesy of the magnificent pen of Julian Argüelles) of a selection of Phronesis tunes. We gave two performances last year at hr-Sendesaal...

August 2016 Phronesis news

August 2016 Phronesis news

Hello Lovely Folks,
I hope this email finds you all warm and well?

Phronesis have had a productive and eventful summer and it looks like we just may carry on like that a little while longer.
We just arrived back in Copenhagen, Oslo and London respectively after a couple of...

Spring news 2016!

Unless you've imposed a social media moratorium on your good selves you will have probably noticed that Phronesis have a new album due for imminent release! This album is available from Edition Records so please click on the following link to augment your burgeoning music collections in the format...

Phronesis Xmas News 2015

Phronesis Xmas News 2015

Here's a picture of Phronesis playing at the Voloshin Jazz Festival in Kiev, one of a number of enjoyable capers in which the band has been involved in 2015. If you look carefully, you'll notice the intriguingly random inclusion of scaffolders to the backdrop. The whole weekend was full of...

August 2015 news

Hello Everybody,

Here’s an update on everything Phronesis and we have some exciting news to share with you. After a couple of amazing gigs in Canada, Anton, Ivo and I had a chat and decided to stay together for at least another ten years!!

Last night we played at Leuven...

Summer 2015 news

There are many exciting things on the Phronesis horizon and the honour has befallen me (Ivo) to tell you lucky people.

Most pressing of these is our fourth trip as a band over the Atlantic Ocean to North America. We are fantastically excited about this because our gig at the...


Hi everyone.

As some of you maybe know Jasper has taken his two girlfriends (Ana and the double bass) travelling in Thailand for a month. As he claims himself, he is with "no reliable communication devices" so I (Anton) am excited to write my first Phronesis mailout.

We started this...

Phronesis November touring

Hello Everyone,
Just thought I’d update you all and let you know what has and what will be happening for Phronesis since it’s been a while.

We had an incredible time visiting Brazil in August followed by a short trip to Morocco a couple of weeks later. Brazil has been...

Phronesis Summer gigs

Hello Everyone

So… a great deal has happened in the world of Phronesis since the last update. We have had an amazing tour in the UK as well as a few gigs abroad so here’s a massive thank you (!) to all of you who made it out to...

Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone,

I’m writing to you from Copenhagen, Denmark, while Anton is away in Thailand and Ivo is with friends and family in the UK. Just wanted to express a heartfelt and gracious thank you on behalf of all three of us, to all of YOU, who have again helped...

Back to the US!

Hello Everyone,

So pleased to let you know that Phronesis are going back to the US again already!
We had a great time playing in both Canada and the US in late June/early July this year at some really special venues and to some really amazing people.
This time we’ll...

Phronesis live album recording!

Hello lovely people,
So there's some very exciting news that I have to share with you.
We have finally put together a plan for the recording of our fifth album! It will be a live recording and will take place at The Cockpit in London as part of the EFG...

Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone,
Just a last email this year to wish you all a great holiday time and a happy new year. It’s been such an amazing year for the trio with the release of our fourth album Walking Dark, a great album launch show to a packed out Kings Place...

invitation-only Phronesis gig this week!

Hello Lovely People,

Just thought I’d drop you a quick line to let you know about a special late night gig Phronesis are doing during this years London Jazz Festival.

This Thursday, 15th November at Pizza Express in Dean Street, Soho at 11.45pm, we’ll be playing an invitation-only, one-hour...

Spain and Cork!

Hello Everyone,

I hope you have all had some time off this summer and a chance to spend some quality time with the people you love and a chance to recharge your batteries before everything kicks off again. I know I have and I feel much better for it.


Copenhagen Jazz Festival and London Jazz Award

Hello everyone,
There’s some news I’d like to share with you all.

Phronesis will be performing at the Copenhagen Jazzhouse on Sunday the 15th of July. There are a few reasons why this is a really exciting opportunity for me. First of all Jazzhouse is a place where I used...

Walking Dark album launch at King's Place, London

Hello Everyone,
Just a quickie to let you know the latest Phronesis news..

We are now halfway through our Walking Dark album launch tour and it's been going really well. The response from everyone has been overwhelming and so many people have made the effort to come out and join...

Walking Dark album launch tour

Hello Everyone,

Everything Phronesis is going amazingly well these days and we are in the middle of what looks like our busiest year so far. I'm writing this just before our gig tonight at the C-mine festival in Genk, Belgium following two great experiences at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam and...

February 2012

A belated happy new year to you all, I hope you are all doing good and staying positive in this cold climate :)
There’re some things I have to tell you about.
First of all I just returned from Copenhagen where I received an honorary 'Young Spirit' award from the...

Happy holidays!

Hello Everyone,
I can't believe that another year has gone past so fast!
It's been an exceptionally exciting one for Phronesis and in many ways it seems like the beginning of a new chapter for us.
We have been very lucky and have started playing abroad more regularly and it's...

Phronesis - St George's, Turner Simps and Wayne Shorter

Hello Everybody,
I hope this finds you well. Things are great here but I have been too busy to write for a while which I guess is a good thing ey? :)

I didn't even get to tell you about our fantastic experience of playing in complete darkness at...

Phronesis in Paris

Hello Everybody,
First of all let me just tell you what an amazing time we have had traveling to the US and Canada and playing there with Phronesis for the first time.
The reception has been just overwhelmingly positive and im sure we´ll have the chance to go back soon....

Phronesis at Montreal Jazz Festival!

Hello again lovely people,
Sorry to email you all again so soon but this was just announced and there's no way I could not tell you about it :)

We are very excited to be playing what I've heard should be one of the biggest Jazz Festivals in the world...

Phronesis in the USA, Canada, Denmark, France and the UK!

Hello everyone,

Phronesis have a few amazing gigs coming up that I'm really excited to tell you about.

In a weeks time we would love you to join us at the Vortex jazz club in Dalston for our last London gig this summer before we head off to North America!...

Cheltenham, Django and 12 Points!

Hello Everyone,

Thanks to everyone that came out and supported us on our recent UK tour.
We had a fantastic time and it was great seeing so many of you there.
We also went to Belarus in the middle of everything and played an incredible concert hall there...

Here's a...

Phronesis news 2011

Hi Everyone,

Just a little reminder and update about the various things that are happening with Phronesis these days.

We started the first bit of our UK spring tour last week and drove around some lovely bits of England and played to some very nice audiences.
The response has been...

MOBO AWARDS - best jazz act

Hi Everyone,
Phronesis have amazingly been nominated for a Mobo Award in the 'best jazz act' category amongst Brad Mehldau, Robert Glasper, John McLaughlin and Empirical.
Please Click Here to sign up and vote for us.
All the best,...

More Live Reviews

Hi Everybody,
We have just played two magic gigs in England, one at the Vortex in London and one at the Spin in Oxford.
Here's a few live reviews if you couldn't make it :-)

from the vortex gig:
http://londonjazz.blogspot.com/ (scroll down)


Recent Phronesis gig reviews..

Hi Everybody,
Just to let you know about some recent reviews from our gig at the Vortex in London.
You can read them here: http://londonjazz.blogspot.com/2010/05/review-phronesis.html
and here: http://www.vortexjazz.co.uk/gig-reviews/2010/may/phronesis.html
Hope you are all well :-)

Parliamentary Jazz Awards / New Album

Hi Everyone.
So there's a few things to share.
We have finished our tour and the Live recording in London went really well! :-)
I have just mixed the material and an album is starting to emerge which I will master soon! The record is to be released on Edition...

Live Recording!

Hi Everyone,
Just a few things I thought I should let you know about :-)

Today (Wednesday 17th) is the very first day of the second ever Loop Collective Festival. It all kicks off at the Vortex and will last for 5 days and there's a variety of great, beautiful...

Happy New Year mail...

Hi everyone,
Just a quick one from a very cold Copenhagen to wish you all a happy new year!
Thanks for all the ups and downs in 2009 I wish you all the best for 2010...

Here's a link for two websites I rate very highly:

Firstly the Venus Project...

Phronesis tour and a few reviews...

Thanks to everyone who came and supported our gigs on the tour and also the album launch! We've had a great time playing so much lately and look forward to future Phronesis adventures. Also, we have had a few very good reviews recently. One ****review from Jazzwise and also a...

First gig on the tour

Just a quickie to say thanks to all the nice peeps that came down to the crypt yesterday evening to support our gig. We had a great gig!
Looking forward to the rest of the tour.

Phronesis 2nd Album Release / UK tour

Hi Everyone,
The time has come when I can finally announce the 2nd release of my group Phronesis. The album is called 'Green Delay' and features the wonderful Ivo Neame on Piano and Anton Eger on drums.
Recording an album with this lineup has been a dream of mine for...

Phronesis on BBC Jazz on 3

Hi Everyone,
Phronesis was broadcasted on BBC 3 last night and you can listen to it for the rest of the week online. The broadcast was live from the Vortex during our recent 4 day Loop Collective festival which was a huge success.
You can have a listen to the...


Ok then, so far so good.
We have just finished mixing the next album and I'm very excited with how it sounds!
I've put a teaser track up on myspace so go and have a listen if you fancy.
The album will be called Green Delay, and features Ivo Neame...

Studio time

Just about to start this third day of recording with Phronesis in one of the coolest studios I've ever been in, located in beautiful surroundings on the east coast of Bornholm in the Baltic ocean.
Anton and Ivo has been playing amazingly and the takes I listended to yesterday night...

Second Album

I just got back from Copenhagen and I am so pleased to say that we have finally put a plan together including some dates (early January 2009) for the recording of the second Phronesis album! I hung out with Ivo and Anton for a day to rehearse a little and...

First News

Hi and welcome to my website,
It’s taken me hundreds of emails to finally get this thing up but now it is..!
I’ll update every section gradually over the next few weeks so come back for more.
Until the bigger picture becomes available please take a minute to listen to...